New Video From Ti West's The Innkeepers Takes A Look At Real Paranormal Activity

The latest flick from up-and-coming horror director Ti West - who made his name with the spooky indie The House of the Devil - is almost here. West's creepy-as-hell-looking The Innkeepers arrives early on December 30th, then hits theaters on February 3rd. We've already showed you the poster and the trailer, and now Magnolia Pictures and Metacafe have posted a new promo clip. It's right in the increasingly popular tradition of blurring the line between reality and the fictional, claiming to be a real EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorded in connection with the making of the movie. For those who've never seen an episode of Ghost Hunters, EVPs are recordings that purport to contain supernatural sounds or voices that can't be heard with the naked ear at the time of recording.

We won't spoil anything, but we will say this: we recommend ignoring the video's suggestion to turn your volume all the way up.

The Innkeepers Exclusive - Sample EVP Research. Watch more top selected videos about: Evp, Viral video

The Innkeepers is set in the Yankee Pedlar Inn, a hundred-year-old, purportedly haunted hotel that is about to close down permanently. Left alone in the mostly empty hotel, two employees (Sara Paxton and Pat Healy) decide to stage their own investigation and see if they can prove once and for all that there is a ghost roaming the Yankee Pedlar's halls. As you might imagine, this proves to be an unwise decision.

Hotels are inherently creepy, made even creepier by the association with Stephen King's The Shining. All those empty halls, dark corners, and years of history lurking around every corner...The Innkeepers should offer up plenty of scares.