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In "celebration" of the impending cinematic return of Channing Tatum’s "Magic" Mike Lane in Magic Mike XXL, which will see him end his apparent hiatus from sartorially-absent onstage seduction, a new video has launched online revisiting the not-so-great elements of the 2012-released original (which brandished enough washboard abs to run a chain of laundromats, and enough gyrations to power a new green energy movement). Watch the clip below and see it sliced, diced and skewered for its egregious infractions!

While some might argue that Magic Mike, in its broader presentation, is nothing more than a blatantly commercialized attempt to corral a typically more particular moviegoing demographic of women to the box-office, this video from CinemaSins… well, pretty much highlights that argument with several poignant examples. While director Steven Soderbergh has been known to cobble together some of the most entertainingly gritty action/dramas in last few decades, we are shown how Magic Mike often exposes his artistic Achilles heel when it comes to clichés related to allure of drugs and capriciously unlikeable characters.

From the very beginning, the film seems to, in an almost carelessly uninspired way, let its narrative pieces simply fall into place by way of absurd chance. One notable example of this is when a nonsensical explanation scenario occurs that calls for the young, untested rookie, Adam to take the stage - as though the eclectic array of acts that we see performed at Xquisite were not adequate enough to cover ONE single dance routine. Once the rookie completes his seemingly standard routine, he’s suddenly treated like the last Jedi of strippers. It’s one of those movie moments where you can feel the invisible hand of the script propelling its characters into place for the all-important reason of "just because."

The very foundation on which the entire premise lies is also brutally attacked in the video. The film shows Tatum’s Mike as the star attraction of the Tampa-based Xquisite strip club, making, by all accounts, A LOT of money. One scene, in particular reveals that Mike’s instant apprentice in newbie Adam made $230 in one night, which leads the video down a rabbit hole of conjecture that’s nevertheless reasonable. If the rookie, Adam made $230 in one night, we could presume that Mike makes about twice that - maybe $500. Thus, at $2,500 a work week, at (conservatively,) $8,000 a month, it could be presumed that poor penniless Mike makes $92,000 a year. In light of that, the question that needs asking is, "WHY does Mike need a loan to start his business plans?"

Besides a broad array of anachronism-observing nitpicking, we also see some other humorous observations pointing to the rather obvious fact that the amount of chemistry in the film’s slow-building romance between Mike and Adam’s sister, Brooke, rests firmly in the "ZERO" column. In an aspect that is, perhaps, telling to that point, actress Cody Horn will not be reprising that role in Magic Mike XXL, despite her romance being nearly central to the first movie.

Thus, according to CinemaSins, anyway, the sporadic story angles which serves as the dramatic glue to the montage of multitudinous male stripping is showcased for its weakness. Yet, obligatory poo-pooing aside, the film successfully tapped into a new campy pulse that nevertheless made sense to the moviegoing public. It should be interesting to see if the $167 million box-office lighting can strike twice when Magic Mike XXL hits theaters on July 1st.

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