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Video: Patton Oswalt Thrown Out Of A Theater For Texting

Jason Reitman and Patton Oswalt took some time out during a sneak screening of Young Adult to create a public service announcement, which spoofs an Alamo Drafthouse video discouraging texting in their theater, a habit many movie-goers likely despise, if they aren’t among those who do it.

Originally posted by, the video below has Patton Oswalt getting busted at the Alamo Drafthouse for texting, after which he leaves an angry voicemail complaining about the ordeal. According to the information posted on the YouTube page, Reitman and Oswalt made this video while visiting Alamo South Lamar for a sneak screening of Young Adult.

It looks like Oswalt has mirrored his voice performance word for word with this video, which was originally posted by the Alamo Drafthouse when an angry customer left a voicemail for them after being thrown out of the theater for texting. What makes the above video so amusing is that Oswalt follows her script, right down to the inflection and occasional mispronunciation of certain words.

On a random aside, is the person sitting behind Oswalt at the beginning of the video also using their cell phone?

Kelly West
Kelly West

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