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We've brought you the best of the celeb-centered ALS Ice Bucket Challenge vids. But Vin Diesel has taken the challenge in a new direction. See for yourself with the video above:

After being challenged by Guardians of the Galaxy helmer James Gunn, Diesel, who memorably gave voice to the film's sentient tree, demanded his director plant a tree for Groot. But don’t sweat it, the Fast and Furious frontman didn't welch on the ice-bucket dumping aspect of the challenge. Here he is committing, and then passing on the dare to some big, big names.

Yup. Vin Diesel has dared First Lady Michelle Obama, A-lister Angelina Jolie, and controversial Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Mark it down, as I'm betting this will be the only opportunity for those three to every share the same sentence.

James Gunn accepted the Groot challenge on Twitter, reposting Vin's vid. However, we're still waiting on pics of his planted tree.

While it's an unexpected redirect from one charitable cause to an environmental one, it's a savvy move on Vin Diesel's part. People's love of Groot could spur an earnest effort to grow new trees. THR has declared Groot "the breakout character of the summer." We might be crushing on Chris Pratt, and giggling over Rocket Raccoon's bad attitude. But when moviegoers walked out of theaters, many were crazy for that little dancing Groot in the mid-credits sequence. The fervor for his sapling shuffle was so intense that Marvel released the clip.

But that's not enough is it? We all want dancing Groots of our own. Filling that demand, some clever crafters built their own, while Funko made a figurine.

So, once you've donated to ALS, and bought a dancing Groot toy, plant a tree. Do it for Groot!