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In less than a month, Shawn Levy's The Internship will make its way into theaters. The comedy puts Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson into two coveted internship spots at Google, where they'll be surrounded by young, tech-savvy geniuses all trying to land a permanent position at the company. As we see in the above clip, these two guys have a bit of catching up to do when it comes to modern advancements in interviewing and computer technology. However, what they lack in technical know-how, they make up for in imagination and an ability to talk their way through a situation, which could come in handy if and when they get the job. A basic knowledge of the durability of blenders also helps.

Judging by BJ Novak's reaction to their comments in the clip, which comes courtesy of Yahoo, these two guys are bombing this interview, in spite of their ability to come up with a creative answer to a bizarre question about nickels in a blender. But based on the basic plot of the film, we know that somehow these two former salesmen manage to land a fresh start in their careers in the form of an internship at Google. How that happens, we'll have to wait and see.

One of the things I love about Vaughn and Wilson is the way they talk, and it's not difficult to picture both actors playing salesmen. If nothing more, this latest glimpse of The Internship indicates that there will be some great rambling in this comedy, which arrives in theaters June 7. Here's the previously released trailer:

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