War Horse's Jeremy Irvine Will Spend A Night In Old Mexico With Robert Duvall

Road movies are a time-tested (and borderline tired) genre. The travelers may change, but the destination largely stays the same from movie to movie. Casting Robert Duvall in a road-trip movie, however, is going to pique our interest, and pairing him with Jeremy Irvine – of Steven Spielberg’s War Horse -- only helps matters.

The two actors will team for A Night in Old Mexico, the second film from Spanish director Emilio Aragon, who made his feature-length directorial debut with 2010’s Paper Birds. Variety says that the plot of Old Mexico, working off of a Bill Wittliff (Legends of the Fall) screenplay, follows the relationship that develops between a man (Duvall) and his grandson (Irvine). But the trade promises a combination of action, tragedy and romance, so hopefully the scope of the film is larger than what we might normally expect from a road movie.

Which is totally possible. Aragon comes from a creative Spanish family, and has dabbled in acting, composition and directing. He’s a multi-faceted artist who made decent box office with Paper Birds, even collecting a few key awards (including the audience award at the 37th Seattle film fest). The movie begins filming in days, and shooting will run through August. Expect to see it in theaters sometime in 2013. Duvall, in the meantime, can next be seen in the Tom Cruise actioner Jack Reacher, while Irvine plays Pip in Mike Newell’s adaptation of the Dickens classic Great Expectations. That production, due out later this year, also stars Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter, so be on the lookout.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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