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Watch 6 Minutes Of The Adjustment Bureau

If you’re not interested in seeing The Adjustment Bureau now, maybe you will be after watching these clips. From the trailers you know that the film seems a little bit like Dark City meets Inception, the story of a man (Matt Damon) who attempts to deviate from the path laid out for his life, only to discover that the hand of fate is a very real thing (comprised of guys wearing cool hats) and it isn’t happy about his choices. But these clips hint at something more.

Maybe I’m just reading into this, but a couple of these clips seem to indicate there’s an almost religious element to what’s going on, as if Matt Damon is in a fight against the almighty Jehovah himself. Religious people will find comfort in the idea that there really is someone out there, keeping an eye on them, and non-religious people are sure to cheer for the idea of someone sticking it to that bearded bastard up in the sky. If that’s what’s really going on here. Watch the clips and tell me what you think is up with The Adjustment Bureau in the comments below.

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