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In the best moments from the trailers, The Adjustment Bureau looks like it could be The Manchurian Candidate meets Dark City. Ideologically it seems pretty ambitious, my only worry is whether it’s ambitious enough visually. Besides the liberal use of very cool hats (support the fedora), too much of what we’ve seen from the movie’s look has been pretty hum-drum. But maybe that doesn’t matter, if the ideas behind what’s going on are big enough.

This new featurette for the film makes a pretty strong case for the notion that, yes, they are. In it Matt Damon and the cast sit down and explain the film as a fight against the hand of fate. Matt Damon plays a man who must choose between his dreams and the woman he loves. Go with the girl and the hole inside him which drives him to achieve will be filled with her, and he’ll settle down to an ordinary life. Leave the girl and everything he’s ever wanted will come true.

Check out the brand new Adjustment Bureau featurette embedded below:

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