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Following the polarizing hosting gig put on by Seth McFarlane at last year’s Academy Awards ceremony, it was time for a return to a more stable form, and popular comedienne Ellen DeGeneres will definitely add her infectious brand of energy to a ceremony that will possibly already be amped up on The Wolf of Wall Street-levels of cocaine. Any previous doubt on the matter was thrown out of the window with the above promo for the 86th annual Oscar ceremony. It’s the most exciting and jovial bit of lip syncing you’ll see this year, with none of the controversy.

Directed by The Heat’s Paul Feig, the happy-footed trailer is set to the tune of "The Walker" by the pop group Fitz and the Tantrums, off of their latest album More Than Just a Dream. While not the kind of song that usually grabs my ears, the catchiness is undeniable. A pied piper of musical soul gathering the masses in her wake, with everyone snapping and swaying and jumping off of cars. If the actual telecast has half as much electricity showcased in this ad, viewers will be the biggest victors of the night.

Big musical numbers aren’t what we’ve come to expect from Feig, who has spent most of his career directing movies heavy with funny dialogue and situation-based comedy, but his movies have gotten bigger in scope over the last few years, and this spot makes me wonder if he could tackle a comedy musical that could grab parts of the audience that usually doesn’t go for such things. Below you can hear Feig talk about how much directing the trailer meant to him:

And now give a listen to how Ellen felt about starring in the ad, and then watch everything come together in a behind the scenes video. Having to control the amount of actors they used is mind-boggling to me. I can’t even get my dog and my kid to do what I want.

Be sure and tune in for the 85th Annual Academy Awards when they air on March 2, 2014.

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