Watch Emilia Clarke And Jake Gyllenhaal Do Their Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Impressions

Graham Norton is at it again. His show seems to be the place where the celebrities are having more fun than the audience. This time he had icon Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest along with a couch full of other celebrities. At that point the question becomes obvious? Who can "out catchphrase" the master of the catchphrase?

The idea was that after a brief intro by Arnold everybody else would give their best Schwarzenegger catchphrase, with Arnold finishing up. Suicide Squad’s Cara Delevingne started with the go-to "I’ll be back." Schwarzenegger’s Terminator: Genisys co-star, Emilia Clarke, followed up with the classic from Terminator 2 "Hasta la Vista, Baby." Jake Gyllenhaal’s choice, "there is no bathroom" is slightly more obscure, but it shows a breadth of film knowledge that we obviously appreciate here. English rapper Tinie Tempah then followed up with, another Kindergarten Cop line, "who is your daddy, and what does he do?" We’re not sure that one qualifies as a catchphrase, but he had to go fourth so we’ll let it slide. Graham Norton even got in on the action with "I’m old, not obsolete" which is a line he and Arnold discuss earlier in the show as a potential new catchphrase for the action star. He speaks the line in Genisys. Arnold then doubled up the first two lines but he’s Arnold so he gets to do what he wants. We’re cool with that. We we’re really hoping for a "Get your ass to Mars" though.

That "old, not obsolete" line must be something of a mantra for the aging action hero these days. At 67 Schwarzenegger would have every right to wrap up his career, especially considering the lackluster performance of his recent films, but he still looks quite good and he is certainly showing no signs of slowing down. If anything he’s having more fun than ever before. In addition to spouting catchphrases with celebrities he’s promoting charities by pulling pranks on the public and recreating his entire career during late-night skits. With still a couple weeks left before the release of Genisys we’ll likely see more from the man before he’s done with the current media blitz.

Since Arnold has previously said he’s going to continue with the Terminator franchise in this newly planned trilogy we know we’ll be seeing him for some time to come, unless Genisys bombs at the box office but that seems unlikely. Even if it does, he’ll be taking another swing at one of his other classic characters with the planned Legend of Conan. Hey, why didn’t anybody use any good Conan quotes? "That's Crom - strong in his mountain!"

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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