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When The Force Awakens began to film on board their practical set of the Millennium Falcon, the cast and crew spoke in hushed tones, as if they were at church. Harrison Ford, howeverm called it "another day at the office." The fact is that the man really doesn’t get as excited for Star Wars as the rest of us do. He doesn’t really understand us. It’s possible that we’re beginning to break him down though. Either that, or he’s really happy to be able to use his global celebrity to help out a good cause. As part of an announcement for a new charitable initiative Han Solo himself surprised a number of fans via online video calls. The fans, as you would expect, reach varying levels of bonkers, but nobody is having more fun with it than Ford.
It’s hard to decide if the best one is when Harrison pretends to be offended by the caller who doesn’t name Han Solo as her favorite character, or the one where he pops out from behind a mask of his own face, circa 1977. The man has gone full goofball here, and whether it’s the charity, the fans, or just the fact that they caught him on a good day, Ford seems to be having the time of his life. While Ford may not be as excited as the rest of us for the new Star Wars movie, he does appear to be happy that Star Wars makes us happy. That’s good enough for us.

The calls are with previous contributors to the Star Wars: A Force For Change charitable initiative started by Omaze about a year and a half ago. Those that donate at least $10 will be entered into a contest to win tickets to the red carpet premiere of The Force Awakens as well as get access to the after party and meet several members of the cast. The last Force for Change campaign raised $4.26 million.

Donations will actually benefit 15 separate charitable organizations, each one chosen by a different members of Star Wars cast or crew. Ford’s choice was the fStop Warrior Project, which uses digital photography as a form of art therapy for soldiers who have returned home due to medical retirement. Other charities that will benefit include UNICEF, thanks to head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy, and The Malala Fund, chosen by J.J. Abrams. It’s really cool to see the power of the Star Wars brand being used for such good causes. Also, the fact that everybody got to choose something they care about. Even split 15 different ways, more than $4 million is still a good chunk of cash for every worthy cause.

We’re going to go throw some money at the cause, because watching this video was worth at least 10 bucks. Also, winning tickets to the premiere wouldn’t suck, either.
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