2006 was the year that Jake Gyllenhaal was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, after his peformance in Brokeback Mountain made the Academy sit up and take notice. But he didn't win that award, and he was never nominated again, despite doing a hell of a job with his role of Detective Loki in Prisoners. 2015 might be the year the Academy gives Gyllenhaal a second nomination. And it also may just be the year he makes the win if Nightcrawler lives up to the promise shown in the second trailer.

Yahoo has given us our second look at the Dan Gilroy-directed neo-noir-looking flick, which shows Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom. Bloom is an unemployed young man, with a hunger to make it, and a go-getter mentality that could have taken him somewhere in decades past. Unfortunately for Lou, the modern economy is full of go-getters. It eats them up, spits them out, and demands more on a daily basis; making his path to employment harder than normal. That's not gonna stop Lou though, as he's got a plan for everything, even when he doesn't. Sure enough, he carves out a niche for himself as a crime reporter for the evening news. It's a job he'll do anything to be the best at. Anything.

If Jake Gyllenhaal was being subtle and nuanced in Prisoners, he's full tilt over the top in Nightcrawler, and it looks like he took this role just to go off in such a manner. He passed up an easy payday in Into The Woods to star in this film, and it looks like the hunger in his performance matches his character's hunger, note for note. Except, of course, Gyllenhaal isn't going to go and conceal evidence of a murder in order to get ahead. This could be Jake Gyllenhaal's equivalent to Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in The Wolf Of Wall Street, meaning that its over-the-top nature is tempered by authenticity to the desperation of the character.

Sure, the teaser gave us a jolt, and the trailer gave us a good buzz, but this second trailer stops short of growing arms to shake you awake. It's urgent and loud and it's ready for your attention, whether you're ready to give it or not. With Dan Gilroy (Tony Gilroy's brother and co-conspirator on The Bourne Legacy) at the helm, as well as writing the film's script, there's a chance he might mirror his brother's better habits in his filmmaking. If he does, then Nightcrawler is a shoo-in for some nominations come award season.

Nightcrawler comes out to show us all the true face of horror on October 31st.
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