Watch Matthew McConaughey As Green Goblin In This Hilarious Lincoln Commercial Spoof

Two weeks ago Matthew McConaughey was first tipped that he was browsing scripts from Marvel and DC, only to have been further hinted at being a candidate for the role of Norman Osborn / The Green Goblin in the new Spider-Man movie. Thanks to the fast moving beast that is the internet, you can watch a parody of what a McConaughey Green Goblin would look like in the video below.

Internet comedy channel MELF released this clip on their YouTube channel, the latest among their pre-existing line of comic spoofs. Taking the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln ads as their obvious point of reference, the clip employs pretty much every McConaugh-tick that you can think of. The only thing missing is the Texas bred actor's trademark shout of "MURPH!" and it would be complete. What's interesting about this video though is how much it nails down the feel of the Lincoln ads, right down to the dialogue. In fact, if you watch the Lincoln ad below, you can see where they got most of it from.

While we're pretty sure a Matthew McConaughey version of the Green Goblin wouldn't merely be a collection of his catch phrases and a Lincoln made glider, we can't help but admire the craftwork put into the makeup in this video. Seriously, that mask is comic accurate, and it's an awesome recreation of the actual Green Goblin from the comics – as opposed to the "flight helmet" that Sam Raimi introduced in his Spider-Man film back in 2002. Depending on the look the next film is going for, we're kind of digging the prospect of actual makeup effects being used for a change, and it's all because of this video.

It's still unknown whether or not McConaughey as Norman Osborn – or in any comic role - is even a plausible possibility at this point. The Goblin reports could merely be internet scuttlebutt, so all we know at this point is that it's an intriguing proposition. That, and we have to admit, even we would be a little disappointed if there wasn't one really good scene of combat that lead up to the Green Goblin composing himself for another run at Peter Parker, ending with a trademark utterance of, "Alright, alright, alright." It's a dream, but damnit it's a dream worth fighting for!

What we do know is you can see Matthew McConaughey in the widely panned Sea Of Trees at some point this year, as well as The Free State Of Jones at some point next year.

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