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Say what you want about Michael Bay, but the man knows how to make things look good. Ok, not so much those giant robots in Transformers 2, but that’s just because they’re designed like giant, bipedal hunks of garbage. Someone should really show their production designers one of the far superior, classic toys, because Megatron could seriously use some streamlining. But outside of Decepticons, Michael Bay knows how to make things look slick and appealing. That’s probably why Victoria’s Secret keeps hiring him to film their commercials.

We’ve got the new Bay directed Victoria’s Secret commercial for you below and, yep, you’ll see a little of Whitely in her underwear. The commercial looks slick, as you’d expect from Michael Bay, though maybe I’m giving him a little bit too much credit here. How hard is it to film models in their underwear? Even Uwe Boll could make this look good. Enjoy:

See when he’s not making movies, what Michael Bay likes to do is hang out with beautiful girls. Sometimes he even makes them wash his car. I assume he also blows things up in the background, but if you’re wondering why Bay hired Rosie-Huntington Whitely focusing on the beautiful girls aspect of this paragraph probably makes the most sense. She may not have any acting experience, but she’s a Victoria’s Secret model and that’s all Bay needs to work his magic.

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