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Want to see what a resurrected Olivia Wilde looks like? Then today is your lucky day, because that’s exactly what transpires in the first trailer for The Lazarus Effect, which you can watch in its entirety below.

Spooky stuff. The Lazarus Effect revolves around a team of medical students who devise a way to bring dogs, and eventually humans, back to life. But rather than patting themselves on the back and immediately declaring to the world that each and everyone one of them is in fact God reincarnated, they soon discover that the people and pets that they are resurrecting are pretty evil once they are walking, talking and eating again. Olivia Wilde plays The Lazarus Effect’s lead character, Zoe, who after being electrocuted is brought back to life by her beau, Frank (Mark Duplass). However, it becomes clear that Zoe’s experience has altered her drastically, and the evil force that now permeates through her body soon starts to wreak havoc on those closest to her. Eep.

In addition to the new trailer, the first poster for The Lazarus Effect has also been released online, and it proves that Olivia Wilde is going to be looking far from glamorous throughout the film.

The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect looks as though it will possess plenty of jumps and spooks to keep the mainstream horror masses pleased. Plus, it also boasts a rather stellar cast. As mentioned, right alongside Olivia Wilde is the always immensely watchable star of The League Mark Duplass, as well as Community’s Donald Glover and X-Men: Days Of Future Past’s Evan Peters. They must have all signed up to star in the film for a reason, so hopefully their faith will be rewarded with a decadent scare-fest. It looks as though Donald Glover will be the first to meet a grisly end too, as The Lazurus Effect’s trailer showed him being squashed to death inside a cabinet thanks to Olivia Wilde’s telekinetic powers. It's always the black guy, right?

If the talented cast weren’t involved, I’d be very sceptical. That’s despite the fact that The Lazarus Effect features a villainous dog. And as we all know, any horror film with an evil dog in it is always worth watching. In fact The Lazarus Effect’s resurrected pooch looks as though he could be the craziest cinematic dog since the Stephen King created Cujo. Here's fingers crossed that turns out to be true,

The Lazarus Effect is being released through Lionsgate and it will hit cinemas in the United States on February 27th.

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