Watch Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane Celebrate Celebrity Nudity In His Opening Monologue

Anyone who has seen some of Seth MacFarlane's work knows that he's a big fan of crude humor. And while he did keep it to a relative minimum tonight in his hosting duties at the Academy Awards, he did take a quick moment to celebrate the boobs of some of our best known actresses...and he did so in musical number form.

For those that missed tonight's broadcast, MacFarlane's opening number had him communicating with Captain James T. Kirk (in a cameo appearance by William Shatner) who was in the future warning the Ted director that he was in danger of being called the worst host in Oscar history. When trying to figure out why his show was such a disaster, Kirk played the following clip:

While I'll talk about it more tomorrow in my full review of MacFarlane's hosting duties, I must say that I enjoyed his time on stage and thought that this was a great little number. It had his sense of humor written all over it, while also having a touch of class added to the affair. Or at least as much class as a song about boobs can have.

If you haven't noticed, the site has blown up with Oscar coverage tonight for you all to sink your teeth into. Check out our full list of winners over here (as well as a recap of the live blog hosted by Katey and myself) and be sure to stick around all of tomorrow as we post about what we loved, what we hated, and everything between.

Eric Eisenberg
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