Watch Paul Rudd Show The Same 'Mac And Me' Clip On Conan's Show Over And Over

Remember Mac and Me? If not, you’re probably better off. The film, which probably wanted to be the next E.T. didn’t exactly go down in history as one of the 80s best kids movies. But Paul Rudd and Conan O’Brien have continued to keep the memory of the 1988 film alive by showing the same clip just about every time Rudd sits down with Conan on his late night talk show. Those with six and a half minutes of time to kill and a high tolerance for watching the same weird clip over and over again should watch the above video.

Via Gawker (crediting Reddit), someone took the time to loop together all of Rudd’s presentations of the Mac and Me clip, each time claiming it’s a preview for his next movie. And of course, each segment shows the clip of the wheelchair-bound Eric Cruise, who finds himself unable to stop his chair from rolling down a steep hill and over a cliff into the water. It cuts out just as an alien sits up straight, looking dazed and alarmed.

If you're wondering what happens after little Eric goes plummeting into the water...

Side-note: That’s Christine Ebersole playing the mother there. You may recognize her from such films as Amadeus, Richie Rich and Black Sheep. She’s also set to appear in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Back to Mac and Me, beyond nostalgia (and the lesson learned that Alien + Kid didn’t automatically equal box office gold), this movie is probably best remembered for two things, the first of which is Paul Rudd — who’s not actually in the movie, in case you’re looking for some connection — because he keeps reminding us of it with this clip every time he visits Conan. And the second is that it ended with the promise of a sequel and never delivered on it…

(SPOILER WARNING: The video below spoils the ending of the movie… in case you still haven’t gotten around to seeing Mac and Me yet…)

Mac and Me's box office take was something like $6.4 million. No sequel.

Many of us remember Mac and Me for how not as good as E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial it was, despite its premise -- or maybe that's just me -- but the ending of film actually shares a similarity with another 80s movie. For a bit of trivia fun, what other 1988 summer movie involved a citizenship ceremony as part of its happy ending? (Hint: It didn’t get a sequel either despite performing quite a bit better at the box office than Mac and Me, but it was one.)

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