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Robert Downey Jr. strikes me as one of the good guys. I’m not 100% sure why. He’s obviously had his demons, but he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and is currently on top of the heap thanks to his role in the ongoing Marvel Cinematic Universe. I love, however, how he doesn’t seem to have forgotten where he came from – literally and metaphorically – and he’s usually eager to give back whenever given the chance.

Case in point: The above video, shared via The N.Y. Daily News, of RDJ surprising a theater of New York City kids attending an Iron Man 3 screening sponsored by the Police Athletic League. It’s an awesome clip, particularly when the camera sweeps the crowd and you see ecstatic kids wearing Iron Man masks and bouncing in their seats as Downey talks to them.
“I just want to say thank you to the Daily News and the Police Athletic League and all of you folks. I know you’re all here because you’ve been doing something special in the five boroughs, for this great city,” Downey said. “You’re the future of the nation. I guarantee if you keep doing the right thing, you’re going to be running the joint in a minute!”

Downey isn’t breaking new ground. Artists have been popping into crowded theaters during opening week to surprise audiences and, yes, create additional publicity. Not that Iron Man 3 needs more headlines. I think every single Web site on the Internet has Iron Man stories on their pages this week as we brace for the biggest movie of the soon-to-open summer blockbuster season. And the movie is off to a red-hot start, already outpacing The Avengers in select international markets.

But if kids are going to benefit from Downey’s time, we’re all for it.

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