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Aside from the weird interaction between Sally Field and host Seth MacFarlane at the top of the show, this year's Oscars were light on parodies of the nominated films-- maybe it was so distinctly Billy Crystal's thing that they didn't feel they could continue it? At least we have the French to fall back on, as the Cesar Awards (essentially France's equivalent of the Oscars) debuted their version of Star Wars Episode VII… as if it were directed by Amour's Michael Haneke.

Check out the short parody below (via The Playlist):

Even if you're only slightly familiar with the concept of Amour-- about an elderly couple and what happens when the wife begins to succumb to dementia-- you can pretty much get what's going on here. Imagining Darth Vader on his deathbed, being fed by Luke Skywalker, is not something J.J. Abrams or anyone else will be bringing to Star Wars Episode VII, but it sounds like exactly the kind of depressing and brutal thing Haneke would explore in one of his films. And maybe this is just the ugly American in me talking, but there's something surreal about see French people parody Star Wars… you always just assume they have something fancier to talk about.

Haneke was one of the favorite joke names brought up by movie fans when we were all debating who would direct Star Wars Episode VII. Now that we've seen his take and Wes Anderson take on it, what other auteur director should get their own Star Wars parody?