Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive. Able to endure multiple buckets of freezing-cold water as part of a massive ice bucket challenge. That’s the new mantra for Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel as he and Amy Adams took the plunge to help ALS awareness in the above video.

Amy Adams starts the challenge, which was posted to Vimeo by Cruel Films. And things get cruel… eventually. Ms. Lois Lane begins by accepting the challenge, then passing it along to her siblings. By the look of her wet hair, I’m wondering if there was a dress rehearsal for this challenge. Soon enough, though, the dumping is underway. Henry Cavill, in full Superman attire, takes a regular bucket alongside Amy Adams. But because he is Superman – and he’s impervious to pain – the buckets of ice water just keep coming. Two. Three. Four. By the time we get to buckets five and six, the crew of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have graduated to plastic garbage pails filled with chilled liquids. And while he comments on the frigid temperatures, Henry Cavill never flinches.

You can’t flinch. Not when you are wearing the mighty suit of Superman!

Now, let’s look at the suit in greater detail. The belt is less pronounced than what we thought we saw in the Comic-Con imagery. It’s closer to the all-blue leotard of Man of Steel (which makes sense). The red in the "S" and the cape match beautifully when dry:

Superman Dry

But the cape takes on a darker tone that doesn’t affect the "symbol of hope" after buckets upon buckets of freezing-cold water.

Superman Wet

Get back into your laboratories, Hologram Jor-El (Russell Crowe)! The cosmic suit that you have designed for your son alters under extremely cold temperatures. We need an adjustment.

The only cooler way (no pun intended) to end this video would have been to have Ben Affleck in his Batman costume dumping the final bucket. Then the two could have stared at each other. Glared at each other. Like in that Comic-Con footage. Oh well, there will be plenty of time for that when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice opens in theaters on March 25, 2016.

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