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You don’t normally expect a Will Ferrell comedy to be educational, but if you caught The Other Guys this weekend and stuck around for the closing credits, then maybe you learned something. The movie’s crime plot is wrapped around the notion of rich people ripping off the little guy and so when the closing credits rolled, instead of simply throwing the names of the cast and crew at you The Other Guys stops down to explain the real-world economic collapse, in a way people can actually understand, using simple animation.

Speaking as someone who spends all of his time watching movies and therefore knows nothing about the intricacies of finance, simply understanding what’s happened has been well beyond my grasp. I think that’s true for a lot of you. All I know is I’m poorer than I was two years ago, and most everyone I know is out of work. Why? It’s so complex it has defied explanation to the common man. What’s brilliant about the Other Guys closing credits animation sequence is that it manages to distill the country’s financial problems down to their most basic form, and delivers them in a creative and entertaining way that, unlike anything you’re likely to see on the news, almost anyone can understand.

The animation sequence was designed by Picture Mill, whom we hope to talk to about their work early next week. In the meantime they’ve made the entire, closing credits to The Other Guys available online. Get educated, watch it embedded below and then click over to Picture Mill where they’ve also made available the movie’s rather creative (but less educational) opening credits.

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