Watch Total Recall's Entire First 10 Minutes As Colin Farrell Kicks Ass Onto Blu-ray

Sony Pictures’ big budget flick, Total Recall, is a gritty and dark film that lends itself capably to Colin Farrell’s acting skill and Jessica Biel’s ability to kick ass in fight scenes, which even I did not see coming. The flick breezed through theaters at the end of the summer, but if you missed Total Recall during its theatrical run, the film will be out on Blu-ray and DVD on December 18. Now, we have the entire first ten minutes of the movie, thanks to Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 Total Recall was violent, goofy, and over the top, but from the opening scene of this year’s film, you can tell that’s not the direction Len Wiseman is going for. Following the trend of Blade Runner and later science fiction-oriented films, including Minority Report, Wiseman’s vision is full of tight corners and dark alleyways. In short, it’s nothing like the original film.

Total Recall is strongest in its action sequences, and luckily, we get one of those right away in a segment that includes some unique weaponry and scenescapes. Later, we officially meet our protagonist, Douglass Quaid (Farrell) and see his life in the Colony, an overpopulated concrete jungle with grey skies and dismal drizzling rain, connected to other places by a gravity elevator that winds its way through the earth, known as “The Fall.”

Wiseman’s vision is a little gloomy, but it’s certainly a visual treat, and if you like what you’ve seen in the clip, the film is worth checking out. Blu-ray buyers will get a multitude of bonus features, including the extended director’s cut of the flick. Additionally, featurettes, commentary, and a gag reel will round out the extras. You can ‘fall’ into the full list of extras, below.

Total Recall DVD Extras

  • Total Recall Insight Mode
  • Gag reel
  • Science Fiction vs. Science Fact featurette
  • Designing the Fall featurette

Total Recall Blu-ray Combo Pack Extras

  • Extended Director’s Cut
  • Commentary on Extended Director’s Cut
  • Total Recall Insight Mode:
  • Gag Reel
  • Science Fiction vs. Science Fact featurette
  • Designing the Fall featurette
  • 7 Total Action featurettes
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