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Watch Weird Al Get The Whiplash Treatment In This Hilarious Sketch

Throughout his decades long career, Weird Al Yankovic has made a career mocking all of the musical trends pop music's had to throw at us. With his Mandatory Fun tour coming to a polka bar near you, he's decided to go for the gold and parody one of 2014's best pictures. Watch as "Weird Al Gets Whiplashed!"

Thanks to College Humor, we're able to see Weird Al trot out a classic method of promotion he's used for quite some time now. As ruthless as J.K. Simmons' Fletcher Henderson is, he still isn't safe from the razor sharp mockery of Weird Al. The only difference is that this time, Al's going to have to dodge a little more than some casually thrown shade from Coolio. That being said, Al gives as good as he gets in this fictional brawl between himself and the merciless musical instructor.

Now for those of you not so familiar with Al's previous shtick of the same variety, you can watch his "interview" with Avril Lavigne, circa the beginning of her career, in the video below.

While his previous interviews have been pretty goofy, and easily pegged as using pre-existing B-roll to his comedic advantage, this usage of Whiplash nearly looks as though they might have gotten J.K. Simmons to come in and film some material for them. It isn't until the end that you can clearly see that the gag is nothing more than the usual self insertion of Al into somewhere he doesn't technically belong. Whether this is a testament to the editing of the College Humor team, or the Whiplash crew for making a quality product that happens to be easily edited, the video does a good job of blurring the fourth wall between Al and his subject.

This is far from the first time that Weird Al Yankovic has dipped into the movie world - though hasn't actually made a film since 1989's cult classic U.H.F. - which in addition to being a funny film in and of itself, houses hysterical movie parodies like Conan The Librarian and Gandhi II. While his big screen days may be behind him, however, the musical well hasn't dried up by a long shot, and Al's albums are a pleasant reminder of the fads we've had to endure in the years between his projects. Still, with videos like this, it'd be nice to hold out hope for at least one more Weird Al movie, whether it continues where U.H.F left off – or if it's something altogether new.

Whiplash is in theaters now, with a Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD release set for February 24th. Mandatory Fun is available wherever fine music is found.

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