Following his final battle with the Dark Lord Voldemort, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe sought to tackle new terrain, walking away from fantasy and toward the unknown of the supernatural for the gothic horror thriller The Woman in Black. Based on Susan Hill's chilling novel and subsequent play, the film centers on a small town plagued by a mysterious specter that appears to foreshadow—or possibly incite--the horrific deaths of small children. Radcliffe stars as a skeptical lawyer whose business in town ultimately brings him face to face with this ghoulish figure.

This past weekend The Woman in Black proved Radcliffe's box office pull by snagging the number two spot with $21 million, a figure that greatly surpassed the film's modest estimated budget of $12 million. But just in case you somehow resisted the allure of this beguiling Brit and the film's eerie trailer, Yahoo offers you a look at The Woman in Black's haunting opening, introduced by Radcliffe himself:

Here a trio of lovely Victorian girls enjoys a tea party. What would otherwise be a charming scene is rendered horrific by an absence of diegetic sound. Instead, a spare, yet spooky theme plays over the proceedings as an unseen figure draws the children's attention. Then, things slow to a crawl as the girls drop their toys, and thoughtlessly crush them underfoot in their singular mission to leave their game behind and head straight out the window to their deaths. This sinister spell is broken by the piercing screams of their agonized mother crying, "My babies!"

The harrowing legacy of Hammer Films is upheld with director James Watkins' creepy but cleverly realized ghost tale that our own Eric Eisenberg asserts, "may not elicit screams from everyone that goes to see it, but it is guaranteed to send chills down the spine of even the bravest viewer."

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