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Nowadays, movie audiences wants mash ups on top of their mash ups. It’s not enough that a studio like Fox is giving us new X-Men and Fantastic Four films. We dream of a moment where the X-Men might fight against the Fantastic Four… or alongside of them. A similar concept floats the new animated spoof "How Frozen should have ended," from the comedians at HISHE.

The above clip was shared via their YouTube page.

Videos like this take a little wind out of a hit movie’s sails. While Elsa certainly wasn’t going to be transported to Professor Charles Xavier’s school for gifted mutants, there’s no way that the message being conveyed about Baby Else was "lock her away and teach her to fear her powers." If that were the case, we’d never see any X-Men in action. Xavier would herd them up using the power of Cerebro, and lock them away in that clear, demagnetized prison that held Magneto (Sir Ian McKellen) in the original X-Men movies:

At the same time, adding Elsa to Xavier’s mansion taps into Wolverine’s latent Broadway vibe. Listen to that cartoon Hugh Jackman belting put "Let it Go!" Giving Bobby "Iceman" Drake the punch line of the whole tune makes this video one worth watching, whether you are a fan of Disney’s record-shattering Frozen, or the ever-expanding X-Men universe.

This isn’t the first time the How It Should Have Ended guys went after Fox’s X universe. They poked fun of Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class a while back:

And have spoofed Captain America, Batman and Spider-Man.

I’m sorry, but nothing is saving the atrocity that is Spider-Man 3. So, the Frozen virals just keep rolling in. And now they are bridging over to X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will be in theaters on May 23… without Elsa, as far as we know.

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