Watchmen Gets Torn Apart For Zack Snyder-Related Things In New Video

As we sit here on the eve of Zack Snyder’s big superhero team up movie, it’s only fair that we look back at Zack Snyder’s last big superhero team up movie, and everything that is wrong with it. Whatever you thought of Watchmen, the film is not without its issues, and it’s time to enumerate each and every one. Here’s Everything Wrong With…Watchmen.

Director Zack Snyder has made several movies based on graphic novels and other comics so it’s no wonder that after awhile they all start to blend together. There’s the excessive use of slow motion sequences that Snyder loves to use, as well as more than one direct reference to 300, another of his previous film. As with most runs through Cinemasins, the majority of the problems that Watchman has are due to the film's various moments that occur simply for plot convenience reasons. Most of them are minor details, but ultimately when one of your characters is built to be all-knowing, and all-powerful, you have to come up with some pretty convoluted stuff, or just conveniently ignore this fact, for the movie to have any drama at all.

One of the major issues with Watchmen that this video brings up is that the movie is just too damn long. The theatrical release clocked in at over two hours and 40 minutes while the Director’s Cut, which appears to be the version being sinned here, is over three hours long. On one hand, Zack Snyder can be commended for making such a faithful adaptation of the graphic novel, but maybe that’s not what was needed here. The symbolism is also more than a little heavy handed. They use the Watchmen bloody smiley face image a lot in the movie and it just doesn’t need to happen. One use of the smiley face really got under our narrator's skin.

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In the end Watchmen earns itself a combined total of 182 sins and a sentence of "League of Extraordinary Vendettas From Hell." A nice shout out to all the other Alan Moore graphic novels that have seen cinematic adaptations. All of which he hates.

What do you think of Zack Snyder’s Watchmen? Does Cinemasins give it too hard a time, or is this the right response? Does this movie give us any indication of what we’re on for regarding Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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