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The Only Way Natalie Dormer Would Do A Hunger Games Prequel

The Hunger Games franchise is one still capable of printing money. Even though Mockingjay: Part 2 had had the smallest box office of any of the movies in the series, it’s still a top 10 movie as far as this year’s box office is concerned. This means that there's interest in continuing the franchise in one form or another. Several members of the cast and crew have spoken out about their interest in such an idea. Now Natalie Dormer has added her voice to those saying that the only way they’d be interested in another movie was if the author of the book series is involved.

Natalie Dormer was asked about a Hunger Games prequel as part of the press for her new horror movie The Forest. She told Entertainment Weekly that any new movie would need to be based on an idea by original author Suzanne Collins. 

I’m just a huge fan of Suzanne Collins and her writing, and I think [Hunger Games producer] Nina Jacobson and [director] Francis Lawrence have both talked about this, but anything prequel, sequel, whatever would have to come from her and her penmanship. So the minute I know that Suzanne is writing something, then yes, my ears would prick up. Almost definitely.

As Dormer points out, director Francis Lawrence, who was behind the camera for three of the four films in the series thus far, also stated that for him to be interested in returning, he also wants to be sure Collins is involved.

A couple of weeks ago a Lionsgate executive confirmed that they were developing ideas for a Hunger Games prequel, and that there are hopes the franchise will "live on and on." While very few specifics were given, Collins' name has yet to come up as part of any conversation about future films, so at least at this point, it does not appear that she is involved.

Jennifer Lawrence has made it clear that she’s done with The Hunger Games, which is probably okay with Lionsgate. While her star power would be of immense value, the studio apparently believes that the reason the last couple films were less successful was because of their lack of tournaments involving child murder. Apparently they think fans, especially younger fans, want the child murder back, so the studio will focus on prequels in order to bring that aspect back into the franchise. The strategy of making prequels likely removes most of the previous cast from a future movie anyway, and even characters who returned would need to appear as younger versions.

Is the idea of future Hunger Games movies exciting or terrifying? Does any of the existing cast need to make the jump to the new movies for you to be interested?

Dirk Libbey

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