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Youthful love is a common trope in cinema, and when done correctly, can feel timely, eternal and touching. When not done correctly, it can end up like the 2014 remake of Endless Love, a tale of two lovebirds that consistently feels aged, stilted and inappropriate.

Endless Love stars Alex Pettyfer and Gabriella Wilde as David and Jade, two high school seniors who barely know one another. Jade’s a lot like Say Anything’s Diane—she’s close to her family but barely rates on the high school popularity scale. However, David’s quite enthralled with her and does what he can to expand her world, even though she’s from the upper crust and he’s from a blue collar family.

While Pettyfer and Wilde actually capably bring an affection to the screen, the stock characters and unfortunate dialogue don’t compare well with today’s teen romances, which include such revelatory, witty and complicated films as The Spectacular Now or even Easy A. Even the timeline of Endless Love is unfulfilling, hopping from the end of senior year to the middle of summer and then skipping ahead into the fall and winter when Jade is already in college and her summer romance should seem distant.

Endless Love is fighting an uphill battle from the very beginning. It’s a movie cobbled together from movie tropes created decades ago and it’s told in a sentimental manner that also feels old-fashioned. While the emotions related to Jade and David’s romance are all there, Endless Love could have done with a dose of immediacy rather than timelessness.

Best Special Feature:
If you enjoyed Pettyfer and Wilde’s relationship in Endless Love, you’ll enjoy the deleted, extended and alternate scenes segment. There are endless scenes showing the couples burgeoning romance, as well as scenes that build up the relationship Jade has with her mother and father. Fans can also see where a few minor plot points were changed around. All in all, Endless Love doesn’t offer the best extras we’ve ever seen, but fans of the movie should find the extra content worth a perusal.

Other Bonus Features:
Extended Ending
"The Making of Endless Love"

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