Often flicks released later in the year wait until after the Academy Awards to put out Blu-ray and DVD releases and this year is no exception. However, this week’s Oscar-winning release, Life of Pi has sort-of been overshadowed by a bunch of re-releases from companies as varied as Disney, 20th Century Fox, Paramount. There should be a little something out there for everyone this week. Read on to learn about some of this week’s best releases, and maybe even a few that slipped under your radar.

Rise of the Guardians
Rise of the Guardians is probably more known for incurring layoffs at DreamWorks at this point than for the film itself, which is a bit of a shame. While Rise of the Guardians’ story doesn’t stand up so well when compared to successful DreamWorks movies like How to Train Your Dragon, the film is visually enchanting and offers enough likeable characters to invest audiences.

The film follows Jack Frost (Chris Pine) and a slew of memorable holiday characters, including an Eastern European Santa (Alec Baldwin) and a spirited but grumpy Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman), all fighting against the bad dreams and ill will brought by Pitch (Jude Law), who is one of the more unbelievable characters in the film. In many ways, Rise of the Guardians may not have enchanted audiences, thanks to focusing on the characters more than an energetic story, but as a whole, the film has more bright moments than boring ones.

Best Special Feature: Blu-ray copies of the film offer far more extras than the DVD option, including the two extras I childishly had the most fun with--the two hopping egg toys, which are windable and fun for kids of all ages. That’s an extra, but not exactly a disc bonus feature, so let’s talk about the best feature the disc has to offer.

The “Behind the Magic” feature may not be the most fun for kids, but for adults into animation, it’s an extensive set of bonus segments that offer interviews with the crew, but also plenty of the original drawn artwork the crew worked off of to create the complex animation in the film. DreamWorks always has a lot going on in any given scene, and Rise of the Guardians is no exception. During this segment the animation and personalities of the characters are also discussed and so much more. Plan to distract your kids with the hopping egg toys while you give it a shot.

Other Special Features:
Jack Frost Snowball Showdown! Game
Rock, Paper, Scissors with Sandy game
“The Man Behind the Guardians”
“Dreamers & Believers”
“Sandy’s Dream Guide”
Filmmakers’ Commentary
World of DreamWorks Animation

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