What Jennifer Lawrence Likes About Working With Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence seems like an easy person to work with, considering her no nonsense work ethic and killer sense of humor. But who does Lawrence look up to in order to make a day on the set into a playground? Apparently, the newly dubbed human sugar rush known as Chris Pratt.

Lawrence's sweet praise is literally just that, as the Hunger Games actress has been talking up one of her next projects, the sci-fi romance Passengers. We've heard her talking up her nerves about the more sexy moments she's had with her Marvel-ous co-star, but her recent remarks to EW have her commenting on the better parts of working with Pratt, as she said the following:

Pratt is a bag of gummie bears. He is cotton candy in human form. He’s always in a good mood! He always has energy. The other day I got mad at him because he’s only positive. It was 4 a.m. and we had been working for 15 hours straight. I walk into the studio and Pratt has his phone in the air and is playing music and dancing around. He’s so fucking funny and nice.

Much like when people confirm how much fun it is to be around Jennifer Lawrence, we don't have a hard time believing that Chris Pratt is a fun guy to be around when working on a motion picture. The evidence to support this has piled up for some time now. However, to hear a fellow consummate professional like Lawrence confirm this fact is more than welcome, as it leaves no doubt that should we ever submit our headshots for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Pratt will be as fun as everyone says he is.

Of course, the mutual humor between Lawrence and Pratt must have helped a lot when it came to breaking the tension between the two actors, as Passengers is a serious sci-fi romance picture that must obviously require a lot of emotional focus. Assuming that there's a fair amount of heartache, as well as emotionally rapturous moments between their two characters, their top drawer performances are going to require some down time to get silly – so as not to burn their performance muscles out.

Though let's not forget how much of a cut up Lawrence herself is. With her numerous talk show appearances, one really well timed awards show cameo, and some prime material from her SNL hosting gig, it's never been a surprise that the "Girl On Fire" can grab quite a few laughs herself. Which has us hoping that Chris Pratt will somehow respond to her comments, and talk about Lawrence's own fun on-set quirks that keep him going.

While Passengers isn't slated to open until next December, you can currently see Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and Chris Pratt in Jurassic World - both of which are available in theaters and on home video - respectively.

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