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What Would A Marvel Vs. DC Mash-Up Movie Look Like? Watch This Epic Trailer and See

The unofficial (and probably completely thought up) war between DC and Marvel for total geek dominance has been tracked as closely as the recent Sony hacking scandal. But what would happen if these superheroes from opposite worlds joined forces? One can only imagine...and one has! Check out this incredible, fan-made trailer for a hypothetical DC Vs. Marvel movie.

Quicksilver battling the Flash? Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye? The Man of Steel grappling with the man from Asgard? A battle of the billionaire playboy philanthropists (i.e. Batman Vs. Iron Man)? YouTube users Alex Luthor and MR88GG have teamed up to create this masterpiece. Warner Bros. thought they had won the Internet when they announced Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a couple of Comic-Cons ago, but that's just been put to shame. We know what you're thinking, though: this Alex guy actually wants to be named after Superman villain Lex Luthor? Well, as councilman Jeremy Jamm would say on Parks and Recreation, "Uh, yeah...Lex Luthor is rich." And highly inventive, so we can let this one slide.

Now, this hypothetical movie will probably never, ever happen, so you can already put a stopper in that rumor mill before it even begins. But Hollywood was the one who put the idea for something like this in our heads. Various Fox reps have been teasing a team-up between the Fantastic Four and X-Men for some time, those leaked Sony emails revealed the potential for Spider-Man to enter the Avengers films, and that epic throwdown between DC’s two titans will spark its upcoming shared universe. But something like a DC-Marvel mash-up movie is always fun to think about. (The one thing we can do without, though, is that blemish of a Fantastic Four movie that we'd all like to cover up.)

At the same time, though, it's important to note that both comic book giants are at their best when they're actually listening to the fans. We've been crying out for a hero -- more specifically, a female DC hero -- for some time, and now we're finally getting a Wonder Woman movie after her first appearance alongside Batfleck and the newly minted Superman. The same can be said for the two-part Justice League, the Captain Marvel and Black Panther movies, and that epic two-part Infinity War event that's waiting for us at the end of the yellow-bricked Phase Three road.

Maybe in some alternate universe, like the one teased in this trailer, DC and Marvel would put aside their differences and need for box-office glory in favor of something that would send geeks everywhere into a frenzy. Here, though, we’ll just settle for Spider-Man appearing in the MCU.