The next DCEU movie to hit theaters will mark one of the weirdest and boldest comic book adaptations ever committed to the silver screen. Suicide Squad hasn’t even premiered yet, and it’s already obvious that the film has taken every possible left turn to set itself apart from what we expect from this genre. David Ayer has a vision in mind, and from what we’ve seen, it seems delightfully fresh.

However, despite the fact that we’re beyond excited for the upcoming release of Suicide Squad, we seriously know nothing about the film’s actual villain. Sure, it will be undeniably awesome to see these characters coalesce on the silver screen for the first time, but the trailers and marketing materials have done very little to inform us of the overarching conflict. What looming threat arises that causes Amanda Waller to bring this group of psychos and killers together? We’ve gone through the details, and come up with five potential big bads that could take center stage once Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5.

Based upon everything we’ve seen from the Suicide Squad marketing campaign thus far, it seems as though June Moone a.k.a Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) has the strongest chance of taking on the film’s villain role. She’s featured prominently in the film’s trailers – consistently looking quite sinister – and her magic-based powers seem to line up with our understanding that the Suicide Squad will fight magical forces not quite within the realm of science. However, in some many ways, June Moone and Enchantress are two completely separate entities, so it remains to be seen whether or not the titular Squad will have to take down both of them, or just the evil witch persona.

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