Common's Suicide Squad Character Revealed, Here's What We Know

For a while now, we've known that rapper / actor Common would be playing a mysterious role in the upcoming DC Comics film Suicide Squad. After months of speculation and radio silence, the man himself has confirmed his role in the David Ayer villain's showcase – and we're still not quite sure who we're dealing with here.

While promoting his next film, Barbershop: The Next Cut, Common's until now unknown role was a topic of discussion with Complex, and with all of the authority given to him by Warner Bros, he dropped some details on his new part. Unfortunately, those details were sparse, as the following statement was all that we've got to work with:

My role [in Suicide Squad] is basically a character who's in business with The Joker. His name is Monster T.

Strangely enough, the Suicide Squad IMDB page has Common's role listed as "Tattooed Man," and the photos shown in Complex's coverage confirms that there's a fair amount of ink throughout the actor's body. Monster T's fashion sense seems only a little more subdued than The Joker's, as he has some red colored facial hair and interesting piercings – one of which is a bull's ring in his nose – to complete the look. So besides being in business with The Joker, just what is Monster T's deal? Well, if that IMDB listing, and our previous suspicions are legit, we may have our answer.


A quick look into DC Comics lore turns up a character with the very name of "Tattooed Man," who has the ability to manipulate his tattoos into actual physical manifestations. For instance, one variant of the Tattooed Man has a snake tattooed on his head, which he would then be able to use in combat against any adversaries that he may face off against. The ink on Common's variant shows up in the form of a third eye on his forehead, as well as vague looking beast on his head. So not only does it look like Common will have a beast to protect him, he might have the foresight needed to keep himself, and his business associate, ahead of the game.

Should Monster T turn out to be the Tattooed Man, then we can start to see why The Joker would align him with such a character - especially considering the new ink he's sporting himself. With tattoos playing somewhat of a recurring motif throughout Suicide Squad's existence, having a villain that uses them to his advantage sounds like it's one of the many visual treats we have to look forward to in the would-be summer blockbuster. Not to mention, if the Tattooed Man goes over well enough, his role in Suicide Squad could lead to his reappearance in the two properties he's known for haunting: Justice League and Green Lantern.

For now, you can see Common in Barbershop: The Next Cut, which opens on April 15th; with Suicide Squad opening later this summer on August 5th.

Mike Reyes
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