Suicide Squad May Hint At A Future For Hawkman

Various recent adaptations have given us a close look at the many fake cities that exist in the DC Comics universe. Obviously we've seen many different interpretations of both Batman's Gotham and Superman's Metropolis, but films and television shows alike have also been shining spotlights on locations like Coast City (as seen in Green Lantern) and Central City (home of TV's Flash). Next year, however, we will get to see the first ever big screen version of Midway City in Suicide Squad, and that fact could be a hint towards the potential existence of the hero known as Hawkman.

Suicide Squad is currently shooting in Toronto, and when Entertainment City gained access to the set, their footage revealed that at least a portion of the blockbuster will be set in Midway City - best known as the comic book home of Hawkman and various other DC Comics characters. This detail was delivered in the form of a shot of a cop car, which features "Midway City Police" emblazoned on the side:

Midway City Police

The Silver Age version of Hawkman was an alien from the planet Thanagar who, along with the Hawkgirl of the same era, first arrived in Midway City to capture an escaped criminal. They wound up sticking around, assuming the identities of Carter and Shiera Hall, and agreed to work with the Midway City Police to thwart criminals. It should also be noted that while Hawkman and Hawkgirl are the most notable citizens of Midway City, it's also been one of the many homes of the many iterations of the Doom Patrol.

Co-Producer Andy Horwitz said in an interview that a good amount of the movie takes place "within the city," and that what was in the midst of being filmed involved the titular Suicide Squad "touching down in the city and making their way to where they need to go." It's possible that this means a good chunk of the film could actually be set in Midway City, though it should be noted that it's unclear if Horwitz was directly referring to a scene involving the Midway City Police car or not.

We still don't know many specific plot details about Suicide Squad, outside of the fact that it will feature a team of criminals taking on Black Ops work to reduce individual prison sentences, though surely we will get to learn more as the filmmakers and cast continue to talk to press as the production rolls on. Stay tuned for more info.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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