Zack Snyder's Justice League of America movie is finally officially happening, giving Warner Bros. a major tentpole franchise and placing DC Comics on the cinematic universe map. Unlike Marvel, who launched five standalone films before The Avengers, it looks like all the heroes of DC Comics are going to be thrown in a blender, with only Superman and Batman being already familiar to movie audiences (let's not talk about 2011's Green Lantern...).

That's a major gamble for the studio, so the next few months will be spent very carefully selecting the roster for this superteam. The worst possible scenario is that these characters are too familiar, too generic, and ultimately bleed into each other. DC's got a long bench, but there's a massive fall-off from Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to the next tier of heroes. So what's the roster going to look like? We're glad you asked. Meet your likely cinematic Justice League of America, according to our educated guesses and blind hearsay!

Hey, You Look Familiar: Man Of Steel is the launching point of the onscreen DC Universe, though Superman has starred in five other films that have helped build the character's considerable fanbase over the years.

You Remind Me Of: With his super strength, invincibility and completely reckless disregard for human society (this version at least), Superman is a whole lot like that Thor dude who popped up in three separate Marvel movies within the span of three years.

Team Function: Henry Cavill's Superman didn't seem like the team-building type at the end of Man Of Steel, but perhaps his encounters with Batman during Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman will change his mind. There's a very good chance Superman is the catalyst that brings every character together, and the voice the group really listens to. He's got what you might call leadership material.

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