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Sony had its sights set on The Equalizer 2 long before Denzel Washington and Antoine Fuqua’s hard-hitting justice thriller opened to a robust $34.1 million – Washington’s best opening since 2012’s Safe House notched $40.1 million. Those who saw The Equalizer in theaters know that a franchise officially is launched with this initial movie. But where do we stand as far as the immediate future for The Equalizer 2?

During an exclusive conversation with Antoine Fuqua regarding his latest movie, we got around to talking about plans he might have for the follow up. He told me:
We have talked about it a lot. Myself, the studio and Denzel. Everybody wants to… We’re all adults, we know. Let the audience decide, and we’ll roll with the results. If all goes well, I’ll definitely be back. I would love to do it again. I think there is a lot of room, and a lot of story left to tell in the life of Robert McCall. It could be a lot of fun."

I mention to Fuqua that he has avoided sequels over the course of his career. Why would this franchise be different? What would inspire him to come back and tell more stories in this universe? He admits:
Denzel. I mean, because I know with Denzel working in the right situation … there’s an opportunity there to develop a character that can be international, who can do anything. We can go deeper with this character. We can go much deeper. We’ll learn a lot from the audience if they [come out and support it]."

Based on the box office results, audiences were more than ready to see Denzel Washinton kicking ass for his Training Day director. And Sony has said they want The Equalizer 2. It can only be a matter of time until the sequel officially is greenlit, right?

The bigger question will be when the two will be able to collaborate on an Equalizer sequel. During the press rounds for The Equalizer, Antoine Fuqua has made it known that he’d like to move on to a remake of The Magnificent Seven with Denzel in one of the roles. Could Sony convince them to shelve that if The Equalizer 2 has enough heat? Certainly. As you can see, Fuqua says he’s definitely in for the sequel. Let’s get this into turnaround, now!