Considering the fact that the Jurassic Park franchise got its start with the world’s most successful director at the helm in Steven Spielberg, it’s interesting that the latest sequels are turning to the world of indie filmmaking to continue the people-devouring adventures on Isla Nublar and beyond. Colin Trevorrow, who directed the delightful Safety Not Guaranteed, had a huge hit with Jurassic World. Today, it was confirmed via Twitter what many of us suspected:

That’s right, Juan Antonio (J.A.) Bayona has been handed the reins of Jurassic World 2, as was reported earlier this year. I can hear you already: "J.A. Who?" Which is fine, because this just means that there are a few great movies you are about to discover this weekend when I send you on a mission to stream his previous films. Bayona’s a Spanish filmmaker who has dabbled in horror and disasters dramas since breaking on the scene with short films in 1999. He has three feature-length films to his credit, though one – A Monster Calls -- doesn’t drop until later this year. What do I know about J.A. Bayona, and why he’s perfect for Jurassic World 2? Let me tell you:

He Has a Spielbergian Knack For Combining Spectacle With Heart
In 2012, J.A. Bayona delivered a masterful and emotionally draining nature disaster titled The Impossible. Based loosely on actual events, the film followed a family vacationing in Thailand who gets separated when a tsunami destroys their resort. The tsumani effect (pictured above) was remarkable. I honestly could watch the scene of the wave, and its horrific aftermath, over and over without ever figuring out how Bayona filmed it. But for the rest of the movie, Bayona and his cast compel you to care deeply about the members of this family, and whether they will reunite. Credit goes to Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and soon-to-be-Spider-Man Tom Holland. But also, credit to the storytelling prowess of Bayona, to make The Impossible a gripping and cathartic tearjerker.

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