Movie-fans better get ready, because 19-year-old actor Tom Holland is about to become one of the biggest stars in the world. After a long and grueling casting process, it was revealed last year that the young British actor will be playing Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting with Joe and Anthony Russo’s Captain America: Civil War. Obviously this is a very big deal, with the star being the third live-action, big screen performer to take on the part, but the truth is that Holland’s limited resume means that most people probably aren’t too familiar with exactly who he is. Fortunately, we’re here to help in his area.

To help you get to better know the actor who will soon be better known as Spider-Man, we’ve put together this fun little list to help you learn a bit about Tom Holland’s past and past work. Want to get to better know the star? Read on to learn all about him!

Tom Holland
He got his start thanks to Billy Elliot
It seems like there might be some kind of connection between the world of comic book movies and Billy Elliot. Jamie Bell, of course, played the famous role in director Stephen Daldry’s big screen version of the story in 2000 – eventually going on to play Ben Grimm a.k.a. The Thing in Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four - but Tom Holland also emerged as a serious up-and-coming actor when he played the lead role in a 2008 run of Billy Elliot: The Musical that was performed in London’s West End.

In fact, Tom Holland’s performance was so notable that it actually wound up leading him to meet one of the most powerful men in the world. In a celebration of Billy Elliot: The Musical’s fifth anniversary, Holland not only played the titular role in a very special presentation of the play, but also was given the chance to meet Gordon Brown – who was serving as Great Britain’s Prime Minister at the time. It was a few months after this performance that the young actor decided to leave the great part behind and start pursuing some other big time work.

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