Why Leonardo DiCaprio Doesn't Want Any Part Of The Steve Jobs Biopic

When author Walter Issacson wrote what's heralded as pretty much the definitive biography on Steve Jobs, the film was naturally optioned by Sony Pictures. Considering this was 2011, and Sony had run into some critical and awards fame with their Facebook film, The Social Network, the reteaming of director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin seemed like it put this film on the fast track to being made. At least, that was until David Fincher left, which consigned the project to just hang there until Danny Boyle picked it up this spring.

But while the project still has a director, The Hollywood Reporter has broken the news that finding a new lead actor is the next big headache for the three-year-old project. Leonardo DiCaprio, the up until now favorite for the role, had been in talks with Sony to star in the film once he'd completed work on The Revenant, but he is no longer attached to the project.

DiCaprio is now planning to take that break from acting he's been talking about for quite some time now. And really, who could blame him? The sort of films he's been making in the past couple of years are intense, hard-hitting, and sometimes grueling affairs. The Wolf Of Wall Street may have looked like it was easy to make, but to go that full tilt for that long of a film? That takes a lot out of you.

With Leonardo DiCaprio out of the running, and daylight fading on the Steve Jobs project, three favorites have emerged on Sony's short list. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Bradley Cooper are the three men who are up for potentially playing one of the most ingenious minds of our modern world. That said, when thinking about that list there is one name that seems more likely to take the part than the others. With Damon possibly being called back into action as Jason Bourne and Affleck pulling double duty as both Batman and as a successful film director, Bradley Cooper is perhaps the most available option out of the limited field provided... which is an absolutely perfect fit.

Considering how long the project has taken to get going already, Sony is probably going to want to move on this project quickly, as one can only imagine how long Danny Boyle will stick around on a project that should be setting up production and release dates to get ready for next year's awards season. Also, with any of the A-list talent mentioned above attached to Star as Steve Jobs, the studio would have the box office draw they need to recoup some of the expenses from their mostly dismal performance this past summer.

Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs project is, as of now, in limbo. You can see Leonardo DiCaprio next in The Revenant, which will be released in limited markets next Christmas. Bradley Cooper is still in theaters with Guardians Of The Galaxy, and has Serena awaiting a release date and American Sniper coming out this December.

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