With Mad Max: Fury Road delayed until it stops flooding in Australia, the stars of the film are searching for things to do. Tom Hardy, one of the most in-demand stars of the moment has already lined up a spot in The Dark Knight Rises, Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, and This Means War while Charlize Theron is off doing Young Adult with Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody. Now it appears that a little bit of water isn't going to stop Hardy and Theron from starring in a movie together.

Following the news from yesterday that Hardy may play the male lead in Snow White and the Huntsman, Just Jared has gotten word that Theron has been cast in the film as the Evil Queen who tries to have the protagonist killed. There are no absolute details in the story and the story is written in a "little bird told me" fashion. Suffice it to say that you shouldn't become too attached to the idea.

There is currently a major war going on between studios to pump out a live-action Snow White movie. In addition to Snow White and The Huntsman at Universal, there is also Tarsem Singh's The Brothers Grimm : Snow White, which is currently courting Natalie Portman to star, and Disney's Snow White and the Seven. The whole situation should resolve itself as soon as one of them gets into production, but until then you can expect that each studio will be trying their damnedest to make theirs first.

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