We've seen quite a few trailers for The Woman in Black, the upcoming horror flick starring retired boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe. In fact, I can count at least four trailers we've posted in the last few months. That kind of aggressive marketing push could mean it's a real gem and they're hoping to get as many eyeballs on it as they can. Or it could mean it's terrible and they're desperate to make it look good so they'll get as much opening weekend business as possible before the negative buzz spreads. Either way, today they've released a new 60-second trailer for the movie; judge that as you will.

Regardless of the quality of the actual film, so far the trailers have been spooky and effective. They've also been a little repetitive. The creepy eyeball, the unnerving photographs, the faint silhouette of a shadowy lady -- all spooky as hell, but starting to become overly familiar now that we've seen them in multiple trailers. This new one recycles many of those same images, but thankfully also throws us some new footage, including a better look at the unfriendly Woman in Black herself and that great shot of the darkness advancing down the hallway toward Radcliffe. It reminds me of an unforgettable and terrifying sequence in Brad Anderson's underrated Session 9, and if The Woman in Black manages to be one-fifth as scary as Session 9 it'll be a success in my book.

The Woman in Black opens on February 3rd, 2012. You can read more about it in our Blend Film Database.

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