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Wonder Con Video Blog: Cowboys & Aliens Panel Delivers 9 Minutes Of Footage And Happy Hogan News

This past summer I was given the opportunity to visit the set of Cowboys & Aliens in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I was tremendously impressed with what I saw. Director Jon Favreau is setting up a film that is half Close Encounters of the Third Kind and half John Ford western, and it could very well be one of the coolest movies to come out this summer. The panel held at WonderCon today didn't do anything to change my mind.

After seeing the footage this afternoon, I teamed up with Screen Rant's Roth Cornet to make a video so that we could discuss all that we saw. The panel included nine minutes of footage from the film - including the first look at the invading alien species - and some great moments between stars Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. The panel itself also had some great stuff, including Jon Favreau saying that he would be more than willing to return in Iron Man 3 has Tony Stark bodyguard Happy Hogan ("Happy to be Happy" as Roth puts it) and once again expressing that the film will be in "glorious 2D."

Check out the video below.

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