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The World's End

The World’s End is different from This is the End … and both are different from At World’s End, which is a Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. We’re focusing on the first one for the time being because Focus Features has unleashed two new posters for Edgar Wright’s upcoming comedy. Check them out above and below us, and we’ll talk about the comedy underneath the second one-sheet.

The World's End

No pirates, as you can see, but some familiar faces if you have enjoyed Wright’s previously films, Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. For The World’s End, he reunites with frequent leads Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for an over-the-hill concept comedy about mates reuniting to complete a pub crawl they once attempted in their heyday. Sadly for them, they’ve also stumbled on an extraterrestrial twist that was revealed in the latest trailer for the movie.

“Prepare to get annihilated” isn’t the wittiest slogan, despite its obvious double meaning, but that hardly matters. There are plenty of winning one-liners that land right on the money in the trailer for The World’s End, which looks quite a bit like The Watch, only with funnier comedians and (we pray) a better script.

This will supposedly conclude a trilogy Wright started with Pegg and Frost, and will be his last picture before he plunges into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for Ant-Man. Perhaps he’ll find a way to bring Pegg and Frost with him to Marvel? Maybe in the lead role? We can only hope. For now, The World’s End opens in the U.S. on Aug. 23, after opening in the UK in July. Again, a movie opens overseas before we get to see it. Get used to it, folks.

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