Is A World Of Warcraft Movie A Good Idea? A Gamer Speaks Out

A fantasy adventure movie based on the sprawling world of the online game sensation World of Warcraft has been bumping around for years now. Back in 2006 Steven Spielberg was rumored for the director's chair on a could-be adaptation. Three years later Sam Raimi was attached. But last summer he confessed the movie would be going into production soon, but without him. A few months later, reports of yet another writer taking on the script arose, giving signs of hope to WoW fans far and wide. And then just yesterday the surprising news came out that Duncan Jones of Moon would helm.

I was surprised by this pick, since Jones is better known for sci-fi than fantasy. Would this filmmaker who stood out with a mind-bending low-budget space drama be a good choice for a presumably special effects heavy fantasy epic? Sure, with 2011's Source Code Jones showed he could handle action sequences, but is he ready to deliver on the high expectations WoW lovers are sure to bring to this movie?

I can't say for sure, since I have only a teeny bit of knowledge on World of Warcraft. But I happen to be married to fellow movie lover, and long-time WoW enthusiast who has been playing the games for decades. We sat down to discuss the World of Warcraft movie, trying to figure out if Jones is a good call for director, and if noobs like me should expect to be wowed.

Kristy: So, Zach, first and foremost can you tell me what you think of the idea of a World of Warcraft movie?

Zach: Well, I'm a little bit torn. The world that Blizzard has created is certainly full of potential for interesting stories. But there are a number of possible problems, the most obvious one being the factionalism that is inherent in World of Warcraft.

Kristy: Factionalism? You mean because there are so many ways to play it?

Zach: Not exactly. Warcraft at its core is all about Alliance vs. Horde. A lot of players are fiercely loyal to one side or the other. I think it would be difficult to make a movie that satisfied both sides.

There aren't really clear-cut good guys and bad guys when you are talking about Alliance vs Horde. There is a lot of grey area, unlike in say Lord of the Rings or Star Wars where the villains and heroes are clearly defined. There are some definitely evil forces in the world, like the Scourge or the Burning Legion, but players on both sides of the Alliance/Horde schism think that their side is the good side. So if a movie favors one side over the other, there will be nerd rage storm of epic proportions.

Kristy: Whoa. That was something I hadn't even considered. Well, what is it you'd hope for in a WoW movie?

Zach: It's really hard to say. I never thought they would actually try to make it a major motion picture. I figured it would be niche thing, like a direct-to-DVD animation similar to what DC and Marvel have been doing. Something where they didn't have to establish the world, because their market is already aware of it.

There's just so much backstory, I'm not confident they can parse it in a way that will satisfy many of us who play. You could just make up a story and set it in the world of WoW, but if you're going to do that what's the point of using World of Warcraft as a base at all. Really, without knowing what the story of the movie is about, I have no idea how to wrap my head around it.

Kristy: But I remember you didn't have high hopes for The Hobbit movie either once you heard they were expanding it into a trilogy. But ultimately you really enjoyed that. Do you think they could just make up a story that might have some Easter Eggs to the massive backstory and you'd be game?

Zach: To me what makes WoW interesting is the lore, is the history. If you're not going to really utilize that in a movie adaptation, I don't see the point. Christ, I've been playing Warcraft games since fifth grade, so that's what—twenty years? I don't know how you encompass this expansive world in a single film. But there's a lot of different time periods within the span of these games. Maybe it'd work if they set it during one of the first wars. I just don't know. Tolkien also had a whole world that he established with his works, but again it had a clean story with established good guys and bad guys. WoW doesn't necessarily work that way.

Kristy: I know you liked both Moon and Source Code a lot, what do you think of Duncan Jones directing this movie?

Zach: I think he's an interesting pick. I think his past works show a psychological bent on sci-fi. Basically, the fact that his works have a lot of questioning to them and moral ambiguity to them—I don't want to get into too much to avoid spoilers—

Kristy: Good call.

Zach: But the fact that they chose him, and he has these works that are not clear cut narratives gives me hope. Maybe this will be interesting. Maybe there won't be easy villains in the movie.

Kristy: Do you think there is a way that Jones and Blizzard can make a World of Warcraft movie that will appeal to fans as well as people unfamiliar with the game, but interested in fantasy because of things like The Lord of The Rings movies, and Game of Thrones?

Zach: I'm sure that they can, but I don't know that they can make a movie that will appeal to me. Which is really what I want.

Kristy: Well, I think we'll be revisiting this conversation again as more news develops.

Zach: I think you're right.

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Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.