Wow, Milla Jovovich Is Going To Look Completely Different In The Last Resident Evil

Go ask Alice, though you just might need to speak up a bit, as she’s hard of hearing. Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich recently posted an instagram shot of her in makeup for the highly anticipated final installment, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Check it out:

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Holy Geriatric Batman! This is a huge difference from the svelte, ass-kicking Alice that we’re used to seeing Jovovich play. While Alice is surely not going to be in the zombie nursing home from the jump of the film, it is exciting knowing that we’re going to see such an arc coming from the protagonist of the long-running series. And it has been a long one.

The Resident Evil film franchise began with the first film in 2002, starring none other than Milla Jovovich as the protagonist Alice, a character that never appeared in the video game series which the films were based off of. All of the films were written by film franchise mastermind Paul W.S. Anderson, and he also directed many of them. Rest easy, Resident Evil superfans, Anderson is set to write and direct the final installment as well.

News of the sixth and final Resident Evil entry was a bit of a surprise to fans and nay-sayers alike. The most recent films, Afterlife and Retribution, were flops, critically. Additionally, the box office results for both films were poor, and Afterlife also added unnecessary 3-D graphics into the mix for a trinity of dismay.

That being said, Jovovich’s Instagram post does make me excited to see where the final film will take us. Final chapters are always fun, as the filmmakers can make the stakes as high as they want, kill who they want, and basically pull out any stops since there doesn’t have to be a plan for another sequel.

Fans will also be pleased to see Ali Larter returning for another installment after appearing in two previous Resident Evil films - she skipped a few in the middle there - as video game character Claire Redfield. Since I’m personally tiffed we haven’t yet seen her in Heroes Reborn, I’ll just have to pretend that she’s got Super Strength or Ice Powers so I can have my cake and eat it too.

It should be interesting to see how Alice gets to her decrepit form. Did her adventures and battles age her prematurely? Or did Alice get to finally have a happy ending, growing old and become a tough ass G-Ma with a walker that doubles as a rocket launcher? I’m hoping for option two. Assisted Living Resident Evil would be too good to pass up.

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