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No one is expecting Wrath of the Titans to dominate the box office this weekend. Though it's the sequel to Clash of the Titans, which opened at #1 in April of 2010, and it's the only 3D film opening in wide release this weekend, Wrath is being thoroughly overshadowed by The Hunger Games, which broke a bunch of box office records with its $153 million opening last weekend, and will easily win the weekend again. At the same time, Wrath of the Titans hasn't performed too badly for itself so far-- according to numbers at THR, Wrath earned $1 million from midnight showings at 1,480 theaters last night.

It's not on track to equal Clash's $61 million opening, but it should earn between $35 and $40 million, aided both by 3D and the IMAX screens relinquished by The Hunger Games after its one-week IMAX run. The week's other big new release, Mirror Mirror, is set for a comparatively small $22 to $25 million opening-- the movie cost $80 million to make, but production and distribution company Relativity says they only shouldered $30 million of that, which means they may still turn a profit.

We'll be back tomorrow with a box office report on how all these new films are faring against each other. Let us know what you'll be seeing this weekend in the comments below.