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Clash of the Titans was the little-loved big budget spectacle released just months after Sam Worthington became a global star in Avatar, but it made a decent amount of money worldwide, so the sequel, Wrath of the Titans, is coming anyway. The first trailer for that sequel has gone online at Apple-- yes, just minutes after the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, and from the same studio no less-- and you can watch it there in HD or embedded below.

You can see a lot of familiar players from the first film, including Liam Neeson in the planet's most insane beard, Ralph Fiennes with his customary villainous sneer, and Sam Worthington as the beleaguered hero Perseus-- sporting a lot more hair this time, for what's worth. There's also the addition of Rosamund Pike as the warrior lady love interest, some new mythical beasts for Persus to take on, a really loud and obnoxious coverage of "Sweet Dreams" to make this seem like a bad video game trailer, and some giant flaming whip-like thing that might rival the Kraken for monstrous intensity. Though since the trailer doesn't involve Neeson saying "release the Kraken," it automatically gets demoted in my book.

Wrath of the Titans is directed by Battle: Los Angeles's Jonathan Liebesman, taking over from the original film's director Louis Leterrier, and it's hard to tell right now what Liebesman might be bringing to the franchise that's new. This trailer looks a smidgen less silly than the first film, mostly because Neeson is no longer wearing artificially glowing armor and we have to assume the 3D won't be a spectacularly awful this time around. But what is a Clash of the Titans movie without the transcendent awfulness? I'm worried it might just be boring.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Wrath of the Titans opens March 30 next year.