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New X-Men: Apocalypse Clip Shows A New Conflict

Out of all the superhero movies slated to hit theaters in 2016, none seems to match the sheer scale of X-Men: Apocalypse. Sure, Batman V Superman and Captain America: Civil War featured huge battles, but Apocalypse quite literally seems to point towards a potential world ending event. However, that doesn’t appear to be the only conflict in the next X-Men movie. A new clip from the film has just hit the web that points towards an old conflict between friends returning to the forefront of this universe. Check it out below.


The clip shows a non-blue Mystique coming to visit Charles Xavier at the X-Mansion in 1983. They reunite, and Charles’ undying optimism about the future of his school almost immediately clashes with Mystique’s insistence that they need to fight for their very survival against the humans. Charles declares that she sounds like the villainous Magneto, to which Mystique responds that their former ally has resurfaced, and the reason for her visit is that she needs his help to find Magneto.


What’s interesting to note about this clip is that it doesn’t reference the arrival of Apocalypse on the scene in any way, shape, or form. We know for a fact that Magneto eventually gets recruited as one of En Sabah Nur’s Four Horsemen – alongside Psylocke, Angel, and Storm – so whatever happens to bring Magneto out of hiding seems to lead to a race against time to find him before the ancient mutant does.


This conversation perfectly shows how thematically consistent the X-Men movies have been over the years. As these characters have evolved, they have continuously argued with one another over their place in the world. Professor X believes in coexistence with humanity, while Magneto believes in war to prevent the sort of subjugation he suffered while interned at Auschwitz. Mystique seems to lie somewhere in the middle of these two men, in that she hopes for peace but insists on preparation for war.


Only time will tell how exactly X-Men: Apocalypse pans out. Considering the fact that Magneto definitely finds himself conscripted by Apocalypse during the events of the film, it would appear that Charles and Mystique do not find him in time to prevent his tragedy from unfolding further. X-Men: Apocalypse will blast its way into theaters later this month on May 27; stay tuned for more details related to Bryan Singer’s upcoming mutant adventure!

Conner Schwerdtfeger
Conner Schwerdtfeger

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