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In order to make room for all the blockbusters that the modern movie landscape needs to create, the period of the "summer" movie season keeps getting pushed back. It used to be that Memorial Day was the start of this period and got us going with a bang. While it won’t be the first big comic book movie of the year, when X-Men: Apocalypse opens that weekend, it still promises to give us an epic film. Check out the newest trailer right now.
The first trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse opened with Jean Grey waking from a nightmare. This one begins with Magneto asking Professor Xavier if he ever wakes up in the middle of the night with terrible thoughts. Nightmares are probably a good symbol for this film, as this entire trailer looks like the sort of nightmare that Michael Fassbender’s character is talking about. Everything we see here is destruction. Even if the X-Men win the fight you get the distinct impression that they may not save the world.

While X-Men: Apocalypse doesn’t hold back on the spectacle and the action, the biggest thing in this trailer is the tone. We know that this will be the end of the trilogy of films that started with X-Men: First Class, but this trailer makes it feel like it may be the end of the X-Men in general. The scope and scale feel massive. That first film opened with the threat of a nuclear war. Now, Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse looks to be using nuclear weapons as well, as a way to wipe out human life from the planet.

While we only get to look at a few of the X-Men in this trailer, the emphasis here isn’t on a super team. It’s on a bunch of kids. We’re used to seeing the X-Men as the team of indestructible heroes, but these younger versions look completely outmatched and outgunned. Xavier truly sounds terrified by what is happening. Apocalypse’s Four Horsemen look like an army compared to the scared kids we see here. While Mystique and Beast have proven themselves over the last couple films, they've done a great job making Cyclops and Jean Grey look too inexperienced for this might. Even Quicksilver, who proved he had skills in X-Men: Days of Future Past appears to be scared to death here. We also can’t help but notice that Xavier’s mansion is being blown up, again. Something that Deadpool made a point to warn us about.

Where does X-Men: Apocalypse rank on your summer movie list? Are you more excited for this than any of the other comic book movies. Let us know if this trailer gets you any more excited.

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