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You Only Live Twice Fan Trailer Blends Sean Connery Bond With Skyfall

The reason I loved Skyfall so much was because of the way that it perfectly blended classic James Bond elements into the modern world. In the hands of a lesser craftsman the movie would have seemed like a cheap throwback, but the way that director Sam Mendes implemented parts like Ben Whishaw's Q, the casinos, the Walther PPK, the women, the villain... it all harkened back to a classic age of 007 while maintaining modernity and stressing the importance of progression. It's style fits in so well with the rest of the series, in fact, that you could take one of the best titles in the franchise and edit it to be just like the latest one.

YouTube user UnusualSuspect2011 has taken Lewis Gilbert's fantastic You Only Live Twice and edited it to match beat-for-beat with the Skyfall theatrical trailer. My favorite part about it, though, is that it doesn't go the lazy route and just use the audio track from Skyfall over You Only Live Twice footage - this is the real deal (with only very minor - and, frankly, well done - exceptions). Check it out below!

So they added the score and put in "Think on Your Sins," but the purity of this cut, nor it's awesomeness can be denied.

And for those of you who are insanely excited to see Skyfall again - or simply want to complete their Bond 50 collections that they got as presents during the holiday season - you're not going to have to wait much longer. The film will be on Blu-ray February 18th - and until then you can find more Bond awesomeness over in our Blend Film Database.

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